VDXm Plate with sealant


  • Hanging drop crystallization


  • 24 well plate with raised cover
  • Sealant applied to 24 wells, ready to seal with cover slides
  • Compatible with 18 mm diameter circle cover slides
  • Optically clear plastic
  • 128 mm x 85 mm microplate footprint
  • Compatible with UV crystal imaging when used with HR3-239 and HR3-241 - 18 mm x 0.22 mm Siliconized circle cover slides


24 well plate with sealant for hanging drop vapor diffusion crystallization with a 128 mm x 85 mm microplate footprint. Stackable, optically clear plastic, 24 well plates with raised covers (to allow room for cover slides) and flat bottoms for exceptional optics. Raised, wide rings around each reservoir (well) minimize cross contamination and allow each well to be individually sealed with 18 mm diameter circle cover slides. Plates are individually wrapped and supplied with applied sealant.

The microplate footprint is space-saving and compatible with automated liquid handling systems.

Approximate dimensions: 128 mm x 85 mm.
Approximate well ID: 14.4 mm.
Typical well volume: 100 to 500 µl.
Height with cover 19.5 mm.
Height without cover with 18 x 0.22 mm cover slide 16 mm.
Height without cover with 18 x 0.96 mm cover slides 17 mm.




VDXm™ Plate with sealant


50 plate case



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