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Tungsten Carbide Scribe & Glass Cutter with Replaceable Tips


  • Useful for scribing, cutting and removal of the upper coverglass that seals the LCP Sandwich Set.


  • Machined, lightweight aluminum handle
  • Replaceable tungsten carbide scribe tip
  • Diamond knurling for comfortable and sure grip
  • Pocket clip
  • Size: 8 mm diameter, 130 mm length
  • Reversible tip protects tip and user


Tungsten Carbide scribe and glass cutter with replaceable tungsten carbide tip. Tungsten Carbide Tip can be removed and inverted to protect tip and user. Knurled aluminum alloy body and pocket clip. Overall length 130 mm. Useful for cutting and removal of the upper coverglass that seals the HR3-151 LCP Sandwich Set.

Tungsten carbide scribe tips are not threaded and are held in place with a threaded tip chuck. To remove tip, turn the tip chuck counterclockwise one turn (without completely removing the chuck) while holding the aluminum handle stationary, and pull the tip from the chuck and handle. To install a new tip, slide the new tip into the chuck and handle and tighten the tip chuck clockwise to secure the new tip into the handle. Loosen tip chuck, remove tip, reserve and install with the tip inverted to protect user and the tip when not in use.

Tungsten Carbide Scribe is supplied with one tip installed. Replacement tips sold separately. Tungsten Carbide Scribe Tip is a set of 3 replacement tips designed for the Tungsten Carbide Scribe HR4-702. Tungsten carbide Tip in steel shank to strengthen and protect carbide from damage. Scribe Tip Diameter x Length: 3 mm X 32 mm.

See the JOVE video for more details about using the Tungsten Carbide glass cutter to open LCP Sandwich Set experiments:




Tungsten Carbide Scribe





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Tungsten Carbide Scribe Tip


Pack of 3 tips



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