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StockOptions pH Buffer Kit


  • Crystallization grade buffer stocks for crystal screening, optimization, & production


  • Titrated, preformulated, & ready-to-use buffers
  • pH 2.2 - 11.0
  • 1.0 M concentrated stocks (0.5 M for CAPSO and CAPS due to solubility limits)
  • Citric acid, Sodium acetate trihydrate, Sodium citrate tribasic dihydrate, Sodium cacodylate trihydrate, HEPES sodium, Tris hydrochloride, CAPSO, and CAPS buffers


StockOptions reagent kits are reagent tool boxes for the macromolecular crystal grower. They offer precisely formulated, high quality crystallization grade reagent stocks in convenient, cost-effective kits. The chemicals utilized in these kits are the same crystallization grade, ultra-high purity chemicals utilized in the Hampton Research kits such as Crystal Screen™ and Crystal Screen 2™. StockOptions reagents are carefully formulated under strict quality standards to ensure reliable performance and lot-to-lot consistency.

StockOptions pH is a convenient and complete kit with buffers pHed from 2.2 to 11.0 in increments of 0.2 pH units. Each reagent is available in convenient concentration, making crystal setups quick and easy. Gone is the tedious task of finding and sourcing reagents, as well as costly and time-consuming reagent formulation.

The generation of custom screens or optimized conditions now simply involves pipetting StockOptions pH reagents from one convenient kit. This portfolio of buffers between pH 2.2 and 11, along with wide arrays of salts, polymers, and organic solvents also stimulates creativity since all of the tools are readily and conveniently available. All one needs to do is select the reagent and pipet.

The convenience also reduces the chance of errors. Preformulated stocks remove calculation, measurement, and formulation errors. No more second guessing how the reagent was formulated, what specific chemical was used, when it was made, or how to precisely reproduce that reagent when it is gone and more reagent is required for additional setups.

StockOptions pH is cost-effective. When a StockOptions kit is purchased, one is using reagents as preformulated stocks in reasonable volumes. You buy only the reagents you need, not a large container of raw material that may sit out on shelves for years to come. When you need larger volumes, Hampton Research offers individual, preformulated, sterile filtered Optimize™ crystallization reagents which include salts, polymers, organics solvents, and buffers. Also, one can special order crystallization reagents through the Hampton Research Custom Shop. Optimize, Custom Shop, StockOptions, and all Hampton Research kits are synergistic research tools.




StockOptions pH Kit


pH 2.2 to 11.0 in 0.2 pH unit increments



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