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Perfluoropolyether Cryo Oil


  • Oil based cryoprotectant


  • Perfluoropolyether cryo oil
  • Low viscosity
  • Low surface tension
  • Cryoprotectant for soluble and membrane protein crystals


Used during cryocrystallography to displace and reduce the amount of water (mother liquor, reagent) on the crystal after the crystal is mounted in a cryoloop. Coating the crystal with oil can minimize evaporation from the crystal and reduce exposure and slow diffusion of air (oxygen) to the crystal.

Perfluoropolyether Cryo Oil offers low viscosity, extremely low vapor pressure, low surface tension, excellent chemical inertness and excellent thermal stability.

Dip the mounted crystal into the oil to displace surface water. Or add a small amount of Perfluoropolyether to the crystallization drop before mounting the crystal. After adding the Perfluoropolyether, mount the crystal using a Mounted Cryoloop. Withdraw the mounted crystal from the drop and the Perfluoropolyether will coat the mounted crystal. Cryogenically cool the mounted crystal.




Perfluoropolyether Cryo Oil


1 mL



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