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MRC Maxi 48-Well Crystallization Plate (Swissci)


  • Sitting drop crystallization


  • One drop per reservoir
  • SBS format
  • 48 well plate
  • 9 mm standard distance between wells
  • Drop volume: Up to 10 µl
  • Reservoir volume: 50 to 200 µl
  • Micro-numbering alongside drop volumes
  • Rigid plate structure
  • Wide partition walls between wells improve sealing
  • Developed in conjunction with the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • UV compatible (UVP)


MRC Maxi 48-Well Crystallization Plate for Automated Optimization

The MRC Maxi optimization plate is a breakthrough for macromolecular crystallization presented in a 48 well format. Offering easy to automate crystallization optimization with large sitting-drops, the new MRC Maxi Crystallization plate is the perfect solution. Manufactured by Swissci AG, the plate offers an SBS format while providing 48 wells. MRC Maxi is intended for large drops and is compatible both with standard robotic systems as well as manual pipetting.

The plate was developed at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge, UK) in collaboration with Jan Löwe and Fabrice Gorrec. It is a result of many years of experience in successful robotic high-throughput crystallization and complements the original MRC crystallization plate, which is intended for smaller drop volumes and higher throughput during screening.

Drop volumes of up to 10 µl are possible. The 9 mm standard distance between wells is preserved, enabling the use of multi-channel manual pipettes and robotic liquid handlers, making MRC Maxi one of the most automation-friendly optimization plates on the market.

MRC Maxi is covered by global intellectual property and design registration as are the Swissci AG MRC 2 lens 96 well plates. Several breakthrough features of the original MRC plate have been maintained. Wells are labeled individually. Drops are raised for easy access during crystal retrieval. MRC Maxi uses the same proprietary polymer specially selected for the purpose of UV light visualization and the material used keeps through-plastic evaporation to a minimum. Well shapes are spherical but shallow. The

MRC Maxi Crystallization plate offers unique properties that make it the ideal choice for microliter-sized optimization experiments and is made from UV compatible UVP.

The advantages of the MRC Maxi Crystallization plate - in brief

Easy Crystal Retrieval
• Raised wide wells make the crystal mounting especially easy.

Easy Viewing
• The wells are wide conical.
• Each well has a micro lens for perfect illumination.
• Micro numbering readable under the microscope for each well.
• The optically superior polymer (UVP) is UV transmissible.

Better Sealing
• Wide partition walls between the wells give plenty of area for good sealing with tape.

Very Rigid, Automation-Friendly Plate Design
• The UVP polymer reduces through-plastic evaporation to a minimum.

SBS Standard
• The plates are designed to the SBS standard and are compatible with all common holders.
• 9 mm distance from well-to-well within columns, 18 mm distance within rows.

Unique Polymer (UVP)
• Ultra-low sample binding.
• No static charging.

Recommended Volumes
• Volumes validated for MRC Maxi are up to 10 µl of sample drop and 200 µl of the crystallization reagent.




MRC Maxi 48-Well Crystallization Plate


10 plate case






MRC Maxi 48-Well Crystallization Plate


40 plate case