Adjustable Crystal Mount


  • Adjustable, magnetic crystal mounting with capillaries or fibers


  • Adjustable Z
  • Magnetic mount
  • Fits XYZ Goniometer Heads with Z Platform or magnetic base
  • Fast, easy, and convenient crystal positioning and retrieval


The Adjustable Crystal Mount is a magnetic piece (approximately 12 mm in height, 9.8 mm in diameter) designed to position a brass specimen pin and either a capillary or glass fiber onto a goniometer head for x-ray data collection. 

The Adjustable Crystal Mount is engineered to fit onto the Z Platform or magnetic base within a goniometer head. The recessed bottom properly positions the crystal mount over the center of the goniometer head and prevents the mount from sliding across the goniometer head during data collection. The bottom of the crystal mount is flat and closed to prevent the brass specimen pin from protruding through the bottom of the mount. The magnetic design allows for quick, convenient, and rapid placement and retrieval of the crystal mount. Finally, the crystal mount is designed with a single allen screw which allows the Z-translation of the brass specimen pin to be adjusted (up and down) and then secured in position by tightening the screw using a goniometer head key or 0.88 mm allen key.




Adjustable Crystal Mount


5 pack