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August 22 - August 29, 2023
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia

On behalf of the Local Organising Committee of the 26th Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography and the Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand, we would like to extend our warmest invitation to you and your family to join us at the IUCr Congress in Melbourne, Australia from 22-29 August 2023.

33rd European Crystallographic Meeting

August 23 - August 27, 2022
Music Conservatory and Congress Centre in Versailles, France

On behalf of the European Crystallographic Association (ECA) and of the French Association of Crystallography (AFC), it is our pleasure to welcome you to the home page of the 33rd European Crystallographic Meeting web site. The meeting will be held at the Music Conservatory and recently refurbished Congress Centre in Versailles, close to Paris, between 23rd and 27th of August 2022. Both venues overlook the famous Versailles Chateau.

Although many international scientific conferences have been impacted by the current Covid-19 pandemic, we remain optimistic that in 2022, a full and exciting program can be delivered in Versailles. Nevertheless, we are currently working on contingency plans for hybrid or remote format meetings, which can maintain the spirit of interaction of the ECMs, and we will shortly announce an alternative range of sponsorship packages. Despite the pandemic, crystallography has not stood still, and we will be sharing with you, over the coming weeks, highlights that will serve to whet your appetite for Versailles 2022.

We hope that ECM33 will prove to be a fruitful meeting, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Versailles.

Murnau Conference 2022 New Frontiers in Structural Biology

October 5 - October 8, 2022
Murnau am Staffelsee

The Murnau Conference on Structural Biology encompasses the current areas of experimental structural biology, in particular Electron Microscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and X-ray Crystallography. We focus on molecular questions, the properties of biological macromolecules and their interaction in the complex environment of a living organism. The biannual study group meeting in Murnau is set to provide a forum to discuss the latest advances in the field.

Practical integrative structural biology

November 6 - November 13, 2022
Hamburg Unit of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and the Center for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) on the DESY campus

Integrative structural biology has become a state-of-the-art approach to determine the structure of biological macromolecules and their complexes. The approach involves characterizing the 3D structure using multiple complementary experimental techniques and combining the resulting data using computational methods.

This EMBO practical course will give a practical introduction to integrative structural biology. Through lectures and hands-on practicals, the participants will learn about the fundamentals of X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM, small-angle X-ray scattering, NMR, and structural mass spectrometry. The invited tutors will show how to analyze and interpret the experimental data, and how to use the data for building structural models across different resolution scales. The course will also explore how experimental and computational methods aiming at resolving dynamics can be integrated to characterize flexibility in macromolecular structures. Finally, we will discuss the future of integrative structural biology approaches in light of the most recent advances in experimental and computational methods.

The course location at the Hamburg Unit of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and the Center for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) on the DESY campus will provide on-site synchrotron SAXS and MX beamlines for training. A guided visit to the European XFEL site is also included in the program.

Engineering recombinant proteins for structural and functional studies 2022

November 10 - November 11, 2022
The Spine, Liverpool

This two-day training event will discuss strategies to engineer sufficiently pure, homogenous and high-quality recombinant proteins that are critical for subsequent structural and functional studies. The event, aimed at early career researchers will cover the latest bioinformatic tools for construct design and protein characterisation, tips and tricks for improving protein expression, purification, stability/preparation and evaluating protein quality with biophysical techniques. The event will be interactive with opportunities to bring protein samples to characterise on some of the latest instrumentation/software and to present a poster on these topics.