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Job Postings  

Crystallography related career opportunities, post docs and related positions in the crystallography community. If you wish to place your job opportunity on the Hampton Research website, submit the details to tech@hrmail.com.

Title: Postdoc Fellowship Program
Website: https://www.helmholtz-muenchen.de/stb/research/groups/research-group-sattler/research/index.html

Call Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, Munich, Germany

Deadline November 30, 2018

The PFP trains highly talented early-career scientists for leadership positions in health and environment research.
It includes an individual career development plan, coaching and mentoring, support in grant applications, travel grants and joint training modules.

Applicants for the PFPIV (2019-2021) can choose from a wide variety of subjects in health and environment research.

In particular there are two proposals in structural biology in Michael Sattler's lab (https://www.helmholtz-muenchen.de/stb/research/groups/research-group-sattler/research/index.html):
• Integrative structural biology to study the structure and dynamics of long-non-coding RNAs
• Dissecting the molecular mechanisms underlying the neurodegenerative disorder MPAN using structural biology
Please check the webpage (https://www.helmholtz-muenchen.de/fellows/index.html) and apply!

[Post Date: November 13, 2018]

Title: Research Scientist

Research Scientist position at UT Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX

Job Summary:
The laboratory of Dr. Yogesh Gupta (http://ccri.uthscsa.edu/YGupta.html) at Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute, University of Texas Health at San Antonio, TX is seeking an enthusiastic scientist to study structure and function of protein-nucleic acid complexes.

Job Duties:

1. Express human proteins with relevance to cancer from bacterial, insect, and mammalian cells. Scale up the culture volume to produce these potential drug targets and perform their biochemical characterization by various cell enzymatic assays. Perform co-crystallization and determine the structures of protein-nucleic acid complexes using X-ray crystallography and other biophysical methods.

2. Develop, design, and perform cancer cell biology experiments using cell imaging, tissue culture, FACS, mice, Cas/CRISPR knock out methods to characterize new signaling pathways. Perform data analysis and interpret results. Review progress and present results regularly to PI.

3. Assist PI in preparation of research reports, manuscripts, papers and grant proposals for presentation and publication. Research current scientific literature for novel or improved research protocols; work closely with the PI, other lab staff concerning scientific, research and administrative matters

Preferred Qualifications:
Ph.D. in cell biology, cancer biology, biochemistry/structural biology with relevant experience in cancer cell models, pathways and drug discovery.

Salary is competitive. San Antonio offers affordable cost of living and there is no state income tax in Texas.

Submit your application to


The Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute is a unique specialized cancer research center focusing on basic and translational research in childhood cancer and occupies a state-of-the-art 100,000 sq. foot research facility on the university’s Greehey Academic and Research Campus.

San Antonio is the nation’s seventh largest city and is located at the edge of the beautiful Texas Hill County. San Antonio offers a rich, multi-cultural community, affordable cost of living, excellent weather and a thriving biomedical industry.

All Postdoctoral appointments are designated as security sensitive positions. The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer including protected veterans and persons with disabilities.

[Post Date: November 12, 2018]

Title: Postdoc Univ of Texas Health Science Center
Website: http://ccri.uthscsa.edu/YGupta.html

Postdoctoral Fellow position at UT Health San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas

The laboratory of Dr. Yogesh Gupta (http://ccri.uthscsa.edu/YGupta.html) at University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio (UT Health San Antonio™) is seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic scientist with strong interest in structural/mechanistic studies on protein-nucleic acid assemblies that play critical roles in leukemia and pediatric sarcoma pathogenesis. We combine various structural and chemical biology tools (X-ray, NMR, cryo-EM, AUC, SAXS) with in silico, and cell-based methods to address basic mechanistic questions, and exploit this knowledge for small molecule cancer drug discovery.

Our lab is physically located within the Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute (Greehey CCRI) at UT Health San Antonio. We have full access to an extensive array of core institutional facilities (Biochemistry core, CIDD, Research core labs) located within the Department of Biochemistry and Structural Biology, the Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine, and Greehey CCRI. Applicants with demonstrated experience in protein biochemistry, structural biology, or cancer biology with experience in cell imaging, tissue culture, FACS, mice, Cas/CRISPR knock out, and a keen interest in mechanistic/structural studies are preferred. Candidates are expected to possess strong organizational, interpersonal skills, and ability to work as part of a team. Candidate should hold (or soon expect to hold) a PhD or equivalent degree in a related discipline. Prior experience in X-ray crystallography is desirable but not required.

Salary is competitive. San Antonio offers affordable cost of living and there is no state income tax in Texas.

Please visit the websites below to learn more about our work and future directions –

If interested in applying, please send a short description of your research accomplishments, and current CV with a list of three (3) references to Dr. Yogesh Gupta (email: guptay@uthscsa.edu).

The Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute is a unique specialized cancer research center focusing on basic and translational research in childhood cancer and occupies a state-of-the-art 100,000 sq. foot research facility on the university’s Greehey Academic and Research Campus.

San Antonio is the nation’s seventh largest city and is located at the edge of the beautiful Texas Hill County. San Antonio offers a rich, multi-cultural community, affordable cost of living, excellent weather and a thriving biomedical industry.

All Postdoctoral appointments are designated as security sensitive positions. The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer including protected veterans and persons with disabilities.

[Post Date: November 07, 2018]

Title: Postdocs SLS

Membrane protein serial crystallography
Your tasks
Serial crystallography (SX) has emerged as an effective method for micron-sized crystals, such as the ones from membrane proteins. To ease their handling, in meso in situ serial crystallography (IMISX) was developed for the systematic diffraction screening and rapid data collection from hundreds of micro-crystals without the need for direct crystal harvesting. You will further develop IMISX method and SX method in general, by exploiting crystallization and sample delivery methods and fast frame-rate X-ray detectors. You will also be involved in the automation of the structure determination workflow, from crystal delivery to data processing.

Native-SAD phasing at low energies
Your tasks
The recent development of native-SAD phasing using 6 keV X-rays has made the method more accessible for real-life targets. However, many systems with low sulfur content and low diffraction resolution (> 3 Å) are still out of reach. You will have a unique opportunity to further improve native-SAD phasing using lower X-ray energies (3 – 5 keV) by exploiting the latest X-ray detector – JUNGFRAU and novel sample delivery methods, and demonstrate its advantages with challenging targets like membrane proteins.

[Post Date: November 07, 2018]

Title: Lab Technician
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/cap/view/928076440/

Bonumose LLC, located in Charlottesville, VA, has an opening for a lab technician. The successful candidate will clone, purify, and crystallize recombinant enzymes under development for food ingredient manufacturing. Compensation is 35,000 - 50,000 USD annually depending on experience.

In order to see a full job description and apply please visit our posting on LinkedIn:


Or email me for more information at jonwccp4@gmail.com

[Post Date: November 07, 2018]

Title: Postdoc Florida State University

One postdoctoral position is available immediately in an enzymology laboratory to elucidate mechanisms of DNA/RNA synthesis, DNA lesion bypass, and base excision repair catalyzed by various human and viral DNA/RNA polymerases, and to mechanistically investigate gene editing enzymes including CRISPR/Cas9 and Cas13a. Background in structural biology (X-ray crystallography and/or CryoEM), biophysics, protein purification, and recombinant DNA techniques is preferred. An important criterion for selection will be the ability of the desired individual to pursue independent research in an active multi-disciplinary setting. Interested candidates should send a CV and a statement describing experience, goals, and reasons for the interest in this position, and arrange to have three letters of recommendation sent to Dr. Zucai Suo, Eminent Professor and Dorian and John Blackmon Chair of Biomedical Science, Department of Biomedical Sciences, College of Medicine, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. Dr. Suo can be contacted by email (zucai.suo@med.fsu.edu). Further information about the research projects in the Suo Lab can be obtained from https://med.fsu.edu/index.cfm?page=suolab.research.

Employer: Florida State University College of Medicine
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Salary: NIH guidelines for post-doctoral salaries + benefits
Discipline: Life Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Structural Biology, and Biomedical Sciences Position Type: Full Time Organization Type: Academia Job Type: Postdoc

[Post Date: November 06, 2018]

Title: Postdoc University of Manchester
Website: http://www.manchester.ac.uk/aboutus/jobs/

The University of Manchester
Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health (FBMH)

Research Associate – Protein Crystallography
(Ref: BMH-12935)
£32,236 - £35,211 p.a.

Project Title
Inhibiting Dual-Specificity Tyrosine Phosphatases (DUSPs) as a Method for Preventing Resistance to Herceptin in Her2-Positive Breast Cancer

Project Description
You will work on an ambitious programme of structure-based drug discovery to produce novel drugs to overcome resistance to Herceptin in HER2-positive breast cancer.
Molecular and systems-level research during the past two decades have led to development of anti-cancer drugs that act by inhibiting specific molecules that play key roles in tumorigenesis process or in tumour survival. A prime example of this is Herceptin (trastuzumab), an antibody that inhibits HER2 and is used to treat HER2-positive breast cancer. Despite its effectiveness, two thirds of patients who respond to Herceptin develop resistance and relapse within one year. Understanding the molecular basis for such resistance and devising methods to prevent or reverse it are therefore of critical importance. Our aim is to design new inhibitors of protein phosphatases, which function downstream of HER2 and are key regulators of signaling and survival in breast cancer.

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual, highly motivated with efficient skills in time managing and project leading. This post offers an excellent opportunity to join a dynamic research team focused on drug development in the School of Biological Sciences (Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health) with superb multidisciplinary facilities and stimulating working environment.
You must hold a PhD in Structural Biology/ Protein Crystallography/ Biochemistry and have a strong background in protein biochemistry and crystallisation.

Application forms and further particulars can be obtained at http://www.manchester.ac.uk/aboutus/jobs/
Closing date: 22/11/2018
Please quote reference BMH-12935

[Post Date: November 02, 2018]

Title: Protein Crystallography Facility Manager
Website: https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/BNU298/protein-crystallography-facility-manager-structural-studies

Protein Crystallography Facility Manager, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) seeks to appoint a Protein Crystallography Facility Manager. The LMB is one of the birthplaces of structural biology and remains at the forefront of methods development as protein crystallography is a critical technique for understanding the mechanisms of macromolecular complexes, one of the major goals of the LMB. The post-holder will provide support to researchers from all Divisions of the LMB in the collection of X-ray diffraction data using both synchrotrons and in-house X-ray facilities, will maintain and develop the in-house facilities, will provide expert advice and support during subsequent structure determinations, and will act as the coordinator for LMB's synchrotron access. It is expected that there will be the opportunity for collaboration on structural projects with research groups at the LMB.
The successful applicant will have several years of post-doctoral experience in the field of protein crystallography including data collection at synchrotrons and all aspects of structure determination. Excellent communication and inter-personal skills are required because the post will involve interacting with a diverse range of scientists with different levels of expertise.

Closing date for applications: 28th November 2018

For further details and information on how to apply please visit:

Jobs.ac: https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/BNU298/protein-crystallography-facility-manager-structural-studies

Nature: https://www.nature.com/naturecareers/job?id=661643

[Post Date: October 31, 2018]

Title: Postdoc LNBio Sao Paulo, Brazil

We are opening one postdoctoral position at the Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory - LNBio (http://lnbio.cnpem.br/) in Campinas – Sao Paulo in Dr. Andrea Dessen’s group. The position involves: (1) fractionation and purification of bacterial secondary metabolites, as well as (2) testing for molecule recognition of bacterial cell wall synthesis proteins via crystallography. The successful candidate could start in the post during the first semester of 2019. The contract is for two years, and there is the possibility of an extension.
Candidates should have a recent PhD degree Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Chemistry or related disciplines and have published at least one research article in an international peer-reviewed journal as first author. The successful candidate should have practical knowledge in biochemistry and protein structure determination. Demonstrated expertise in one of the following areas would be advantageous: natural product purification and chromatographical analysis methods, and proteins expression and purification. Applicants are asked to submit a CV including a list of publications, a short description of previous experience and names of references to Dr. Andrea Dessen (andrea.dessen@lnbio.cnpem.br) by November 30th, 2018.

Estamos abrindo uma vaga para pós-doutorado no Laboratório Nacional de Biociências – LNBio (http://lnbio.cnpem.br) em Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil no grupo da Dra. Andréa Dessen. A vaga abrange: (1) o fracionamento e purificação de produtos de metabolismo secundário de bactérias, bem como (2) a realização de ensaios de ligação de moléculas originárias destas frações com proteínas envolvidas na síntese da parede bacteriana por cristalografia. O(A) candidato(a) deverá iniciar na vaga no primeiro semestre de 2019. A bolsa tem a extensão de dois anos podendo ser estendida por mais um ano.
Os candidatos devem possuir um título de doutor recente na área de bioquímica, biologia estrutural, química ou área correlata e ter publicado ao menos um artigo científico em revista cientifica indexada como primeiro autor. O candidato deve ainda possuir conhecimento prático (hands-on) em bioquímica e determinação de estrutura de proteínas. Experiência comprovada em uma das áreas a seguir é desejável: métodos de purificação e análise cromatográfica de produtos naturais, expressão e purificação de proteínas. Os interessados devem submeter um CV contendo: lista de publicações, breve descrição de sua experiência prévia e nomes de referências para Dra. Andrea Dessen (andrea.dessen@lnbio.cnpem.br) até dia 30 de novembro de 2018.

[Post Date: October 31, 2018]

Title: Group Leader Viva Biotech

Viva Biotech, located in Shanghai, China, is specialized in structure-based drug discovery providing preclinical drug discovery research services to global pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We have opening for group leader in structural biology and biochemistry. Anyone who is interested in the position please send CV to jin.gao@vivabiotech.com.

Job title: Group Leader in Structural Biology or Biochemistry

Job description
We are seeking a highly motivated individual with experience in protein biochemistry and structural biology. Candidates will lead the structural biology team to carry out the biochemistry studies and/or gene-to-structure studies which elucidate the interactions between small molecules/peptides and their targets. Experiences with protein expression and purification, excellent interpersonal and managerial skills, team player with excellent written and verbal communication skills and proficiency in structure biology related software. Excellent communication skill in English; 3-5 years working experiences with in US or Europe.


1) Ph.D. in crystallography or protein biochemistry training with minimal 3-5 years’ working experience

2) Hands-on experience in protein crystallization, and protein expression and purification is optional.

3) Proficient in structure biology related software is plus.

4) Demonstrated managerial skill to guide groups through corporate change and growth.

5) Excellent verbal and writing skills in English are essential.

6) Strong communication skills and client interaction are required.

[Post Date: October 30, 2018]

Title: Postdoc IBMB-CSIC Barcelona
Website: https://sbu.csic.es/jobs/postdoctoral-position-gomis-ruth-2018/

A 3-year postdoctoral position at the Structural Biology Unit (IBMB-CSIC, Barcelona) is available. Find all the information at the following link:

[Post Date: October 30, 2018]

Title: Postdoc NY Univeristy School of Medicine

Postdoctoral positions to study RNA-protein complexes and non-coding RNA in New York

Postdoctoral positions are available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Alexander Serganov at New York University School of Medicine. We are looking for enthusiastic, highly motivated and creative individuals with a strong interest in applying multidisciplinary approach and cutting-edge methodology to study RNA-mediated gene expression control. We are presently focusing our efforts on RNA-protein complexes and non-coding RNAs from bacteria and mammals, using structural (cryo-EM and X-ray), biochemical (including genome-wide) and biophysical methods. Research topics include transcriptional and translational control, mRNA modification, RNA degradation, and RNA-protein complexes in human diseases.

Candidates should hold a Ph.D. degree in structural biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, or related fields. Qualified candidates should have strong background in routine molecular biology techniques and protein purification. Good communication in English is expected.

The first position requires prior experience in genome-wide methods (RNAseq, CLIP, etc) or in vitro RNA studies. Projects will be primarily focused on genome-wide and in vitro characterization of RNA-protein interactions, with less emphasis on structural methods.

The second position requires experience in X-ray crystallography or cryo-EM and will primarily involve structural studies.

The Serganov laboratory (www.serganovlab.com) is located on the NYU Langone campus at 31st Street and First Avenue in midtown Manhattan, New York, USA. Postdocs will benefit from the vibrant scientific environment and the outstanding School infrastructure that supports the most advanced technologies including robotic X-ray facility, cryo-EM facility with Titan Krios, genome center and over 20 other facilities. Postdocs will be involved in collaboration with leading groups and receive a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and subsidized housing.

Interested applicants should submit a detailed CV, brief statement of research interests with description of previous research experience and contact information (email addresses and telephone numbers) of three references to Dr. Alexander Serganov at alexander.serganov@nyumc.org. Consideration of submitted applications will start immediately and continue until positions are filled.

[Post Date: October 29, 2018]

Title: Postdoc Indiana Univ School of Medicine

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral follow with a background in structural biology (X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM), to work on NIH-funded projects studying multi-protein complexes involved in eukaryotic transcription regulation. The information of this position is as follows:

Postdoctoral Fellow, Takagi Laboratory (https://medicine.iu.edu/research/faculty-labs/takagi/)Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Indiana University School of Medicine

Who We Are:
My laboratory is interested in understanding the mechanisms of assembly, structure and function of large multi-protein complexes -“molecular machines” - involved in eukaryotic gene regulation, utilizing both cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography. We are particularly interested in the Mediator complex in both yeast and humans.

We believe that development and implementation of novel technologies is the key to unlocking the mysteries of how highly complex molecular machines (e.g. Mediator) function. Therefore, our overall research objective is two-fold: (i) development of novel technologies for studying multi-protein complexes, and (ii) application of these technologies to elucidate the structure and function of the Mediator complex. In addition, we have developed a novel technology for producing pure preparations of difficult-to-express proteins and protein complexes, which has enabled several exciting ongoing projects with outstanding collaborators, including work on: plant RNA polymerases, DNA helicases, DNA repair complexes, RNA editing complex, and insulator complex.

What We Offer:
1) State-of-the art protein and protein complex expression technologies (patent pending) enabling expression of difficult-to-express, problematic proteins and protein complexes

2) Accessibility to crystallization drop-setting robots, home X-ray sources, Synchrotron data collection at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory (within a 3 hour drive from our lab), as well as electron-microscopy (EM) facility: Titan Krios, Talos Artica, and JOEL-FS3200

3) A one-on-one mentoring opportunity by which a postdoctoral fellow can learn the craft of designing research strategy, preparing compelling grant proposals, and paper-writing and presentation skills

4) The opportunity to work with multiple outstanding collaborators

Who Should Apply:
This position could be a great fit for you if:

- you have the expertise and experience in X-ray crystallography, and want to apply such skills toward structure determination of highly complex multi-protein complexes

- you are interested in learning and developing for the cutting-edge protein complex engineering and expression technologies

- you would like to extend your skill sets to cryo-EM

-you are self-confident and can communicate with the PI, other lab members, and collaborators with ease, and enjoy discussing research results and how to overcome technical challenges

- the specific research focus of our laboratory inspires you

- you love to gather information from the literatures and helps generate creative ideas and technical solutions

- you relish working on technically challenging problems, which often require an extended persistent effort to crack

Job Description, Qualification, and Expectations:

Primary activities in this position include, but are not limited to:
- Expression and purification of the protein complexes for biochemical and structural studies
- Structure determination of the protein complexes by cryo-EM or/and X-ray crystallography
- Biochemical assays to characterize the recombinant protein complexes
- Providing intellectual contributions to the projects including writing manuscripts, fellowship application and helping PI for grant applications
- Ph.D. in structural biology (X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM) is strongly preferred

If interested, please email a cover letter, CV, and two reference letters to ytakagi@iu.edu Applications will be screened until a suitable candidate is found. Indiana University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

[Post Date: October 29, 2018]

Title: Postdoc EMBL Hamburg
Website: https://www.embl.de/jobs/searchjobs/index.php?ref=HH00154&newlang=1&pos[]=0&loc[]=0

We're currently looking to hire a postdoctoral researchers with a background in X-ray crystallography to join our research team at EMBL Hamburg.

Our group utilizes structural and biochemical approaches to characterize the dynamics, structure and regulation of nutrient transport proteins.

For more information, please see:

Application deadline is 2nd December 2018.

[Post Date: October 29, 2018]

Title: Postdoc University of Leicester
Website: https://jobs.le.ac.uk/vacancies/vacancy-details.aspx?VacancyID=162&Display=1

The Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology (LISCB) is one of five flagship research institutes recently established by the University of Leicester, UK. LISCB brings together internationally renowned research using structural biology, chemical biology and single molecule methods to investigate major challenges in fundamental biological processes. We are seeking to recruit a postdoctoral researcher to join the group of Prof Daniel Panne. The focus is on multi-protein complexes that are relevant in cancer biology and human disease including epigenetic gene/chromatin regulation and signaling in the innate immune system. The primary experimental techniques include protein crystallography, electron microscopy, protein expression, biochemistry.

For examples of recently published work please see e.g. Nature DOI: 10.1038/s41586-018-0621-1.

Please go to https://jobs.le.ac.uk/vacancies/vacancy-details.aspx?VacancyID=162&Display=1 for more information and to apply.

[Post Date: October 25, 2018]

Title: Postdoc Purdue University
Website: https://jobs.sciencecareers.org/job/485983/post-doctoral-research-associate-in-x-ray-crystallography/

Post-Doc opening at Purdue University for an X-ray crystallographer to support our drug development efforts. Please see the ad (https://jobs.sciencecareers.org/job/485983/post-doctoral-research-associate-in-x-ray-crystallography/) for more information or contact dflaher@purdue.edu if you have any questions.

[Post Date: October 24, 2018]

Title: PhD Structural Biology Umeå University
Website: https://umu.mynetworkglobal.com/en/what:job/jobID:232185/

A PhD position in structural biology is available at Umeå University, Sweden. Full details are available at:

The closing date for applications is the 16th of Nov. 2018. Applications must be submitted online.

For more information regarding the research group: www.biostruct.umu.se/principal-investigators/karina-persson/

[Post Date: October 23, 2018]

Title: Postdoc Charles Sturt University
Website: http://csusap.csu.edu.au/~jforwood/#

We have a two year postdoctoral position in Australia. The start date can be anytime from now. The work will involve protein expression, purification, crystallisation, and structure determination of protein-protein complexes. For specific details on the project and/or work environment, please email jforwood@csu.edu.au

[Post Date: October 22, 2018]

Title: Postdoc University of Delaware
Website: http://xtalsmgddp.wixsite.com/parasharlaboratory

Parashar laboratory at University of Delaware College of Health Sciences, is currently seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to perform structure-function studies of proteins regulating bacterial signaling.

• Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, or a related field
• Experience with cloning, protein expression, and protein purification methods
• A sound understanding of methods and approaches relating to macromolecular crystallography and/or single particle Cryo-EM preferred.
• Ability to plan and carry out research projects independently
• Ability to work on own initiative and take personal responsibility for delivery of work
• Excellent problem solving, interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
• A working knowledge of bacterial genetics and computational modeling of protein-ligand interactions preferred

Responsibilities include:
• Performing experiments for cloning, protein expression, and purification of proteins for biochemical and structural studies; robotic screens for crystallization; optimizing crystallization conditions; and collecting and analyzing diffraction data.
• Performing model building and structure refinement.
• Maintaining laboratory equipment to meet unique needs of the research activity
• Assisting with preparation of grant proposals, presentations and publications
• Actively seeking new collaborative projects within the department and externally

University of Delaware is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for molecular biology, protein purification, and crystallography, including crystallization robot, crystal imaging system, and X-ray generator. Please visit Parashar Laboratory website for more information. The laboratory plans to start using Cryo-EM for structural elucidation. For consideration, please send your CV, list of three references and other relevant information to parashar@udel.edu with subject line "postdoctoral application".

[Post Date: October 21, 2018]

Title: Technical Assistant
Website: https://stellen.uni-konstanz.de/jobposting/969fc6c37f577d1bbd9640926c79bcc7d86879a8

Part-time opening for a technical assistant in our laboratory at the University of Konstanz. The position might be of interest to candidates in our geographical area. Please kindly bring it to the attention of suitable applicants in your lab. Please see the full details at the link.

[Post Date: October 19, 2018]

Title: Scientist Macromolecular Crystallographer

The New York Structural Biology Center (NYSBC) is a shared research organization, owned and operated by nine eminent research universities and medical schools in the New York area. NYSBC is devoted to advancing structural and functional characterization of biological processes through technology development for cutting-edge biomedical research. X-ray crystallography is a crucial component of NYSBC activity, and the NYX Microdiffraction Beamline has been developed by NYSBC at the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) to support this work.

NYSBC seeks a Scientist to join the NYX beamline team for NSLS-II sector 19-ID at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) to help steer further development of macromolecular crystallography at NYX. The new scientist will be employed by NYSBC organization and stationed at its NYX beamline at NSLS-II. The successful candidate will establish relevant research projects in collaboration with NYSBC scientists, groups at its constituent institutions, or with BNL structural biologists and other groups. These projects will exploit the unique qualities of the NYX beamline and can be coordinated with the NSLS-II life science programs. Responsibilities will include interacting with the scientific user community and assisting visiting scientists with their data collections and structure solving to further the scientific mission of NYX. In addition, the new scientists will advance the beamline’s technical capabilities by initiating or conceiving upgrades of its hardware and software for the benefit of the structural biology community at NYSBC and beyond.

Salary level will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Ph.D. or equivalent in biophysics, biochemistry, chemistry, or related field
• At least three years of prior experience in data acquisition and analysis for structure determination by macromolecular crystallography (MX)
• Strong publication record in diffraction analysis
• Excellent written and oral communications skills
• The ability to interact effectively in a team environment with a diverse group of scientists, engineers, technical staff, and users

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Prior experience in the use of synchrotron beamlines for structural biology
• Five or more years of prior experience in MX data acquisition, analysis, and structure determination
• Experience with X-ray optics, X-ray detectors, and/or software for crystallographic computing
• Demonstrated success in leading scientific or technical groups or projects.

Direct inquiries and applications, including cover letter and CV, to Dieter Schneider (schneider@bnl.gov), Lead Beamline Scientist for NYX, or to Wayne Hendrickson (wah2@cumc.columbia.edu), Scientific Director, NYSBC.

[Post Date: October 18, 2018]

Title: Postdoc UT Southwestern Medical Center

A postdoctoral position in structural biology is available in the Center for the Genetics of Host Defense at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Using forward genetics, the lab identifies many novel proteins and protein complexes that function in the immune system, metabolism, and the nervous system. Many of these proteins and protein complexes are involved in diseases including immune deficiency, autoimmunity, inflammatory bowel disease, and diabetes. We are interested in using structural biology to develop molecular mechanisms that describe how these proteins and protein complexes function in the context of live cells and mice. UTSW-Medical Center is well equipped with state of the art instrumentation for protein biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology. This includes monthly access the Advanced Photo Source synchrotron beamline, in-house robotic systems for screening and optimizing crystals, various high strength NMR magnets equipped for solution state and solid state NMR, and brand new cryo-electron microscopes supported by the Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility at UTSW-Medical Center. New Ph.D. graduates are highly encouraged to apply. Please visit the lab website at http://beutlerlab.org/ for more information.

Successful candidates are expected to be highly motivated and well trained in protein biochemistry, or in structural biology using NMR, X-ray crystallography or cryoEM. Please send the following to Betsy Layton at Betsy.Layton@utsouthwestern.edu, with the subject line NEW Postdoctoral Application in Structural Biology:

1) A cover letter explaining your current research interests with a description of why you are interested in the Beutler laboratory.

2) A complete CV with links to all of your publications.

3) A list of three references, with their current work address, title, email address, and phone number.

[Post Date: October 18, 2018]

Title: Postdoc University of Pennsylvania School of Med

The Yi-Wei Chang lab in the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine is looking for an enthusiastic postdoc to join the group. Our main research interests are (1) in vivo structural study of important biological processes/nanomachines through electron cryo-tomography; and (2) development of correlative light and electron microscopy methods and further their applications. (Our lab website)

The successful candidate is expected to have a strong background in cryo-EM, X-ray crystallography, super-resolution microscopy, physics, or computer programming, and, most importantly, is inspired by the importance and FUN of in situ structural determination.

Our institute is fully equipped for cutting-edge electron cryo-tomography: a 300keV Titan Krios G3i cryo-EM with Volta phase plate, Quantum energy filter and K3 direct detector, a cryo-FIB-SEM, a cryogenic fluorescence light microscope, a comprehensive sample preparation and screening facility (EMRL), and several state-of-the-art computer clusters for data processing.

If you are interested in joining us and having a lot of fun together while building up a strong publication record, please send your CV and a cover letter to me directly at (yi-wei.chang@pennmedicine.upenn.edu). Please also feel free to contact with me if you have any questions regarding this position. Thanks!

[Post Date: October 16, 2018]

Title: Research Institute Manager Post
Website: https://jobs.le.ac.uk/vacancies/vacancy-details.aspx?VacancyID=332

The Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology (LISCB) is one of five flagship research institutes recently established by the University of Leicester. LISCB hosts 22 active research groups and brings together internationally renowned research using structural biology, chemical biology and single molecule methods to investigate major challenges in fundamental biological processes into a single world-leading unit.

Since it was established in August 2016, LISCB has received significant investment from the University and more than £12million in external funding. This includes a major investment in a state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy facility and significant upgrades to the NMR facility.

We are looking to recruit a Research Institute Manager to further develop the scientific direction and impact of the LISCB, working closely with the Institute Director and other senior staff. The successful candidate will develop and maintain the strategic scientific vision of the Institute and establish the Institute’s long-term sustainability. They will also engage in events and activities to promote the LISCB’s national and international profile and reputation.

Please go to https://jobs.le.ac.uk/vacancies/vacancy-details.aspx?VacancyID=332 for more information and to apply.

[Post Date: October 16, 2018]
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