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Macromolecular Crystallography at SSRL - Using the SSRL Automated Mounting (SAM) system
Robotic Sample Handling - The universal puck project
Instruct - Integrated structural biology unlocking the secrets of life
BCA - British Crystallographic Association
ECA - European Crystallographic Association
IUCr - International Union of Crystallography
ACA - American Crystallographic Association
Art Robbins Instruments - Phoenix Liquid Handling System & Intelliplate
Avidien - microPro 300 Benchtop 96 Channel Pipettor
Brandel - Automated plate sealer
CyBio SELMA - Semi-automatic 96- or 384-fold pipettor with Minimal required space
Douglas Instruments - Automatic Protein Crystallization Systems
Formulatrix - Protein crystallization automation solutions
Integra - VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 - Handheld 96- and 384-channel pipette
TTP Labtech - Mosquito nanoliter liquid handling for crystallization
Brady - Product identification solutions (Bar code readers)
Zebra Technologies - Scanners
Asinex - Libraries and building blocks inspired by nature
ChemBridge - Smal molecule screening libraries and building blocks
Maybridge - Building blocks and screening libraries
Practical macromolecular cryocrystallography - J.W. Pflugrath, Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun. 2015 Jun 1; 71(Pt 6): 622-642. Published online 2015 May 27.
CryoScience by Worthington Industries - Cryo Express (CX) dry shippers designed to safely transport a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures.
Oxford Cryosystems - Cryostream low temperature device.
Bio-Xtal - Bio-Xtal is a proteomics service company operating since 1998
CEITEC Core Facility Biomolecular Interactions and Crystallization - The core facility provides services leading to biophysical and structure characterization of biomolecules and to study (bio)molecular interactions.  It is equipped with the instrumentation to set up crystallization conditions of biomolecules and their complexes, basic characterization of physical properties of the molecules (analytical ultracentrifugation, dynamic light scattering, CD spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, differential scanning fluorimetry), and to study thermodynamics and/or kinetics of interactions (isothermal titration calorimetry, surface plasmon resonance, microscale thermophoresis, CD spectroscopy, analytical ultracentrifugation).
Charles River - Protein Crystallization & X-ray Crystallography
Collaborative Crystallization Centre (C3) - Australia's only full-service protein crystallization facility.
Cube Biotech - Protein Services (including crystallization)
Curia - Protein and peptide crystallization Services, as well as biologics, research and development, manufacturing and lab testing.
Crelux - Your Discovery. Our Solutions.
Evotec - Drug Discovery Services
Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute Crystallization Screening Service - The High-Throughput Crystallization Screening Center performs crystal-growth screening experiments in 1536-well microassay plates for both soluble and membrane biological macromolecules. We set up the experiments with a predetermined set of crystallization cocktails, image them weekly over six weeks, and send you those images including SONICC and UV along with analysis software to view them. You send the sample, we do the rest.
Helix Biostructures - Drug Discovery Services, Built To Atomic Resolution. Helix BioStructures offers a wide range of integrated drug discovery services, including methods in biophysical characterization, structural biology, and medicinal chemistry. Our services have been fine tuned to provide unmatched quality, efficiency, and affordability.
iNext - Infrastructure for NMR, EM and X-rays for Translational Research
Inixium - Contract Research Organization providing scientific expertise in Structural Biology.
LifeTein - Protein Crystallography Service: Protein Expression, Crystallization to Structure Determination
Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry Crystallization Facility - The MPIB Crystallization Facility provides state-of-the-art structural biology infrastructure for researchers working at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry as well as co-operation partners at several research institutes in the Munich area. The MPIB Crystallization Facility currently performs about 6500 crystallization experiments per year and is used by 26 research groups. The Crystallization Facility is hosted and managed by the Department of Structural Cell Biology.
Medicilon - Fully integrated pharmaceutical services for the global scientific community
Nexomics - Nexomics utilizes proprietary platform technology to offer a broad array of gene-to-structure services to the biopharmaceutical community.
NovAliX - Your partner for structure-based drug discovery
Oxford Protein Production Facilities (OPPF) Crystallization Facilities - The OPPF provides access to a high-throughput crystallization pipeline. Crystallization experiments are carried out in 96-well Greiner plates using nanolitre-scale droplets (typically 100 nL of protein + 100 nL of reagents). Crystallization plates are stored and imaged at regular intervals at either 4°C or 21°C in automated storage systems. Images are accessible to the users via a web-interface.
Paul Scherrer Institut Macromolecular Crystallization Facility - The Macromolecular Crystallisation Facility at the PSI is maintained by the SLS and the BIO division. The facility is situated at the X06DA beamline. We work with scientists from the BIO division, the SLS, the SwissFEL, and elsewhere, to produce and to optimise macromolecular micro- and nano-crystals for x-ray diffraction experiments at the forefront of structural biology. The facility is equipped for robotic crystallization screening using sitting-drop vapour diffusion or lipidic cubic phase; and to image, analyse, optimise, mount and test crystals grown in those experiments.
Peak Proteins - Protein expression & production, structural determination
ProCrysta Biologix, Inc. - Dedicated to develop and commercialize novel protein therapeutics for the treatment of infectious diseases and metabolic disorders
Proteros - Structure-accelerated lead discovery
Proxychem - Provider of drug discovery solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech communities
SARomics Biostructures - Outsourcing Services: Drug Discovery and Structural Biology Platform
Selvita - We offer crystallography services from protein production and crystallization to data collection and structure determination, with streamlined protocols and guaranteed reproducibility. We provide high-quality drug discovery and drug development services. We have the necessary expertise and know-how to support drug discovery projects across a broad range of therapeutic areas. We offer a range of stand-alone or fully integrated drug discovery and development solutions spanning the entire value chain from early drug discovery to preclinical development.
Shamrock Structures - Protein Crystallography, Medicinal Chemistry and Cell Biology Research Services
Syngene - Your Partner at Every Step of Discovery and Development
UCLA-DOE Crystallization Core - Macromolecular crystallization services
University of Minnesota Nanoliter Crystallization Facility - The Nanoliter Crystallization Facility at the University of Minnesota is a joint effort of the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic funded in part by a grant from the state of Minnesota and the NIH. The purpose of this facility is to aid researchers at these institutions by providing access to a high throughput, low sample volume, crystallization facility which will in turn increase access to x-ray crystallography and the determination of 3D atomic structures of biological macromolecules.
University of Zurich Protein Crystallization Center - PCC - he Protein Crystallization Center – PCC@UZH – supports the structural biology research community by setting up and monitor high-throughput protein crystallization experiments at the nano-liter scale. PCC@UZH offers as a service a wide range of crystallization techniques for soluble and membrane proteins. The crystallization service is open to all academic research groups and to private industry.
UQ ROCX - Remote operation crystallization and X-ray diffraction facility - The Remote operation crystallization and X-ray diffraction facility (UQ ROCX) is part of the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis (CMM) and is located in the Queensland BioScience Prescinct at The University of Queensland.
Zenobia Therapeutics - Dedicated to finding disease modifying treatments for unmet medical needs in the nervous system
Crystal Growth 101 - A collection of articles covering a wide array of crystallization topics
Protein Crystallization Tutorial - By Terese Bergfors
X-Tal Protocols - By Johan Zeelan
Binding Database - Measured binding affinities for biomolecules, genetically or chemically modified biomolecules, and synthetic compounds.
BMCD - Biological Macromolecular Crystallization Database
BRENDA - The Comprehensive Enzyme Database
ExPASy Proteomics Tools - The ExPASy (Expert Protein Analysis System) proteomics server of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) is dedicated to the analysis of protein sequences and structures as well as 2-D PAGE.
HIC-Up Hetero Compound Binding Database - Hetero-compound (small molecule) Information Centre
JAXA Cryoprotectant database for protein crystals - Cryoprotectant database for protein crystals
PubMed - PubMed comprises more than 29 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.
LipidBank - he official database of Japanese Conference on the Biochemistry of Lipids (JCBL)
RCSB PDB Structural Genomics Information Portal - An Information Portal to Biological Macromolecular Structures
Membrane Proteins of Known Structure - Fom the Stephen White laboratory at UC Irvine
Heavy Atom Databank - This databank will be of interest, not only to protein crystallographers but to anyone interested in the interaction of heavy-atoms with proteins.
Membrane Protein Data Bank (MPDB) - An on-line, searchable, relational database with select structural and functional information on membrane proteins and peptides
Nucleic Acid Database Project - A Portal for Three-dimensional Structural Information about Nucleic Acids
Structural Biology Software Database - This database contains programs which are thought to be of interest to researchers in the fields of structural biology, quantum chemistry, and bioinformatics.
PDB - Protein Data Bank
PDB Ligand Expo Search - Chemical component search tools
Protein Data Bank in Europe - Bringing Structure to Biology
PICKScreens Database - The PICKScreens database is a Microsoft Office Access Database for the comparison of crystallization screen formulations
PubChem - PubChem provides information on the biological activities of small molecules.
Scratch Protein Predictor - Scratch Protein Predictor
XTALpIms - xtalPiMS is part of the Protein Information Management System (PiMS) which covers crystallization
Applied Biosystems Protein Thermal Shift - Protein Thermal Shift Software & Reagents
Thermofluor.org - A resource for scientists using thermofluor to study protein stability and ligand binding
Crystalprotein.com - 3D Protein Structures Lasered Into Glass
Luminorum - Your structure laser etched into a beautiful crystal for dispaly piece
Belle Technology UK Ltd. - Anaerobic & Dry Glove Box Systems
Coy Laboratory Products - Glove boxes and anaerobic chambers
Plas Labs - Acrylic containment and isolation technology
Heavy Atom Databank - Information on the preparation and characterisation of HEAVY-ATOM derivatives of protein crystals
Heavy Atom Screens - Heavy atoms for multiple isomorphous replacement from Hampton Research
Preparing a Useful Derivative - A collection of useful information by UCLA MBI
Earliest Solutions for Macromolecular Crystal Structures - A supplement to History of Visualization of Biological Macromolecules
History of Visualization of Biological Macromolecules - by Eric Martz and Eric Francoeur
Biochemistry - Biochemistry provides an international forum for publishing exceptional, rigorous, high-impact research across all of biological chemistry.
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry - The Tetrahedron Journal for Research at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology
Current Opinion in Structural Biology - Current Opinion in Structural Biology aims to stimulate scientifically grounded, interdisciplinary, multi-scale debate and exchange of ideas.
EMBO Journal - The EMBO Journal publishes papers describing original research of broad general interest in molecular and cell biology - a particular emphasis is placed on molecular mechanism and physiological relevance.
FASEB Journal - The FASEB Journal publishes international, transdisciplinary research covering all fields of biology at every level of organization: atomic, molecular, cell, tissue, organ, organismic and population.
Journal of Applied Crystallography - Many research topics in condensed matter research, materials science and the life sciences make use of crystallographic methods to study crystalline and non-crystalline matter with neutrons, X-rays and electrons.
Journal of Biological Chemistry - The Journal of Biological Chemistry welcomes high-quality science that seeks to elucidate the molecular and cellular basis of biological processes.
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation - Synchrotron radiation research is rapidly expanding with many new sources of radiation being created globally.
Nature - The Nature Research portfolio includes journals, online databases, and services across the life, physical, chemical and applied sciences and clinical medicine.
PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences for the United States of America.
Protein Science - Protein Science, the flagship journal of The Protein Society, serves an international forum for publishing original reports on all scientific aspects of protein molecules.
Science - Science has been at the center of important scientific discovery since its founding in 1880—with seed money from Thomas Edison.
Structure - Structure focuses on structural biology, studies of macromolecular structure and related issues.
Norton Scientific - PAM ZERO
Wyatt Technology - DynaPro (Protein Solutions) Titan & Plate Reader
Malvern Instruments - Zetasizer Nano for Protein Crystallization
European XFEL - European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser
FLASH - Free-electron laser FLASH
SACLA - SPring-8 Angstrom Compact free electron laser
SLAC LCLS - Stanford Linear Accelerator Linac Coherent Light Source
SwissFEL - Swiss Free Electron Laser
Membrane Proteins of Known Structure - from the Stephen White laboratory at UC Irvine
Membrane Protein Video Tutorial 1 by Martin Caffrey - Use of a Robot for High-throughput Crystallization of Membrane Proteins in Lipidic Mesophases
Membrane Protein Video Tutorial 2 by Martin Caffrey - Crystallizing Membrane Proteins for Structure Determination using Lipidic Mesophases
Membrane Protein Video Tutorial 3 by Martin Caffrey - Harvesting and Cryo-cooling Crystals of Membrane Proteins Grown in Lipidic Mesophases for Structure Determination by Macromolecular Crystallography
Membrane Protein Databank - Martin Caffrey's Membrane Protein Data Bank (University of Limerick)
PDBTM - Protein Data Bank of Transmembrane Proteins
CRAIC Technologies - CRAIC Technologies Protein Crystal Imaging & Spectroscopy
Formulatrix - ROCK IMAGER - Crystallization Imagers
Jan Scientific - UVEX crystal imaging systems.
Korima - Protein Review Station - UV and Visible
Motic - More than microscopy.  Microscopes & cameras & accessories.
Alphalyse - Alphalyse is a specialized contract research organization (CRO) providing high-quality protein analysis service to support the research, manufacturing and clinical development of natural and ...
Applied Biomics - Applied Biomics is committed to providing the top-quality, full line services in proteomics
Cube Biotech - Services and products for protein expression, purification, and stabilization.  Membrane protein sample preparation for ligand screening and diagnostic assays, cryo electron microscopy, antibody generation, and crystallization.
Proteos - Specialists in protein production, expression and purification
CrysPred predictor - Prediction of crystallization probability based on pI
CRYSTALP2 - Method for in-silico prediction of protein crystallization propensity
ExPASy Proteomics tools - Protein identification and characterization and more...
Make Tray - Create crystallization experiments, worksheets and documentation
MEMEX EXPROPRIATOR - A MEMbrane protein EXperimentability predictor
Mimer - Spreadsheet-based system for setting up and organising crystallisation experiments
MoonProt - A Database for Moonlighting Proteins - This database provides a centralized, web-based location to organize information about moonlighting proteins for which there is biochemical and/or biophysical evidence of both functions being performed by the same protein.
MoRDa - Automatic Molecular Replacement Pipeline
PSIPRED Protein Sequence Analysis Workbench - The PSIPRED Protein Sequence Analysis Workbench aggregates several UCL structure prediction methods into one location. Users can submit a protein sequence, perform the predictions of their choice and receive the results of the prediction via e-mail or the web.
PROSO EXPROPRIATOR - A sequence-based PROtein SOlubility evaluator
Protein crystallization images recognition service - Our service provides state-of-the-art quality method for distinguishing between crystal and clear samples.
Proteopedia - The collaborative, 3D encyclopedia of proteins and other molecules.
REFOLDdb - REFOLDdb is a tool for the optimization of protein refolding, referring to published methods employed in the refolding of recombinant proteins.
Required crystal number or size calculator - Feasibility of MAD experiments
SECRET EXPROPRIATOR - A SEquence-based CRystallizability EvaluaTor
SER: Surface Energy Reduction Prediction Server - The aim of this tool is to suggest mutation candidates that are likely to enhance a protein's crystallizability via the generation of crystal contacts by the Surface Entropy Reduction (SER) approach described by Derewenda (2004).
Robotic Sample Handling Systems - Compatibility - Beamline, sample mounting system, container and pins compatibility
Synchrotrons - Mail-in service or remote access
ALS - Advanced Light Source - Berkeley, California, USA
ANKA - Test Facility and Synchrotron Radiation Source at KIT
Australian Synchrotron - Melbourne, Australia
BESSY - Berlin, Germany
Brookhaven National Laboratory - Macromolecular Crystallography
CLS - Canadian Light Source - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Berkeley Center for Structural Biology - Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - Berkeley Center for Structural Biology
DELTA - Dortmund, Germany
Diamond Light Source - Didcot, United Kingdom
ELETTRA - Trieste Italy
ELSA - Bonn, Germany
DESY Photon Science - Hamburg, Germany
INDUS 1 and 2 - Indore, India
APS - Advanced Photon Source - Argonne, Illinois, USA
MAX IV - Lund, Sweden
NE-CAT - Northeastern Collaborative Access Team
Photon Factory - Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
Pohang Accelerator Laboratory - Pohang, Kyungbuk, Korea
SER-CAT - Southeast Regional Collaborative Access Team
SSRF - Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility
ALBA Synchrotron Light Facility - Barcelona, Spain
Lightsources.org - Lightsources.org is the result of a collaboration between communicators from light source facilities around the world. This platform groups 23 synchrotrons and 6 FEL facilities representing 24 organisations from 3 geographic zones: Europe / the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia / Australia. This site is a global resource, providing information and updates about light sources research and achievements, and opportunities for careers and international collaboration. This is made possible by financial support from the member facilities, whose contributions enable further promotion and international coverage of their innovations and capabilities.
Flash Cooling of Crystal in Bulk Liquid Nitrogen Cryo Vial Tutorial - This video shows the flash cooling of a protein crystal in bulk liquid nitrogen and transfering the crystal in a cryoloop into a cryo vial.
Protein Crystallography - SPring 8 - Overview of crystallography at SPring 8 from expression to structure
Hanging Drop Vapor Diffusion - Hampton Research
Setting crystallization trays - Janet Smith Lab
How to mount protein crystals using cryotongs - Video instruction of how to flash cool a crystal in liquid nitrogen and then mount using cryotongs on an X-ray diffractometer.
Freezing crystals - Janet Smith Lab
Lyncean Technologies - The compact light source
Rigaku - X-Ray Diffraction, Cryogenic Systems, Contract Services
Bruker-Axs - Bruker Advanced X-ray Systems
Mar USA (Rayonix) - X-ray Instruments fro Crystallography & Diffraction
Tools of the Trade - A short list of tools used in crystallographic and X-ray diffraction experiments. Point to image for link to supplier.
Memmert - Peltier-Cooled Incubators IPP
Powers Scientific, Inc. - Protein Crystal Growth Chambers (temperature incubators)
Revolutionary Science - Incufridge - Chilling Incubators / Refrigerator Incubators
Torrey Pines Scientific - ECHOtherm Chilling/HEating Incubators 4-70 degrees Celsius