Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN, USA

The Crowe laboratory at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN ( is looking to hire a scientist with a high level of expertise in x-ray crystallography.

We have a robust protein expression team capable of mammalian, yeast, insect, or bacterial cell expression and purification. We have an expert electron microscopist in the lab leading our EM efforts, we established our own Vitrobot for BSL2 work, etc. For crystallography, we have acquired most of the equipment needed to achieve facilities typical of core lab sophistication, with Dragonfly, Mosquito, Formulator, crystallization incubators, RockImager. We have plenty of computing capacity with our own cluster and ~200 TB storage + Amazon S3 depot and access to the Vanderbilt supercomputer.

We have an endless stream of interesting ready-to-go projects, as we are making thousands of human monoclonal antibodies to ~100 important pathogens.

We are looking to hire a trained crystallographer to lead these efforts. We envision ~ half of the scientist’s projects to be led by the scientist and the other half of effort doing projects collaboratively supporting other projects in the lab.

Our group uses a very broad array of techniques including molecular and cellular biology, state-of-the-art imaging and flow cytometry, bioinformatics, and bioengineering approaches to attack the scientific problems that are of interest to us. Our philosophy is to work on major human pathogens - we study model systems only when the direct study of the primary pathogen in humans is not feasible at a definitive level. Current studies center on respiratory syncytial virus, human metapneumovirus, rotavirus, HIV, influenza, and vaccinia virus.

Our Vision
Improving human health through next generation antibody science

Our Mission
Transforming infectious disease prevention to antibody facilitated health

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