Glass cover slides are best if used within 12 months of receipt. The optical clarity of the glass cover slides can depend on several variables such as storage conditions, transport conditions, variations in temperature and humidity, and handling. Following the storage instructions below can help ensure the continued quality of glass cover slides. Due to the composition of the glass, the alkaline content (Si02, CaO, MgO und Na20) in combination with humidity can lead to an alteration of the glass surface after a certain time. The alteration becomes visible as a fine white haze on the glass surface. The surface of the glass cover slide can no longer be cleaned. It is no longer suitable for use.

Storage Instructions
• Keep dry.
• Avoid large variations in temperature during storage and usage. Cooling of the product can cause condensation and lead to condensed water forming between the glasses. We recommend a storage temperature between 2°C/ 36°F and 30°C/86°F and storage at maximum 60 % relative air humidity.
• Use older products in storage first. Follow the FIFO (first in, first out) principle.
• Protect the bottom of the carton from dampness. Store product away from cement floors.
• Cover glass cases should be allowed to come slowly to room temperature in the lab before they are opened. At least 24 hours are recommended for acclimation.
• Best if used within 12 months of receipt.