The next two deadlines for submitting Standard or Block Allocation Group (BAG) proposals for macromolecular crystallography (MC) beam time at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) are April 1, 2023 (for access beginning in May 2023) and July 1, 2023 (for access beginning fall 2023). Please visit our website and user guide to learn more about our beamline parameters, new developments and guidelines.

New or inexperienced users are welcome to contact one of our crystallography group leaders, Aina Cohen and Mike Soltis to discuss their proposals ahead of submission. For administrative details related to access requirements, please contact Lisa Dunn.

If you are not currently a user of our facility the first step is to register in our user portal to submit a proposal. Once your registration is accepted the next steps include:
• Log into the user portal and select the SSRL tab
• Click on Proposals Pull-Down Menu and Select “Submit SSRL PX Proposal”
• Select the radio button for “Macromolecular Crystallography Standard Proposal” or “MC Block Allocation Group (BAG)”

Note: Submitting a Rapid Access proposal is another option and can be submitted at any time. This proposal type is intended for short-term usage until a standard proposal can be submitted and reviewed.

Please reference proposal submittal guidelines for more information.

Lisa Dunn
SSRL User Services
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory