Generating an online quote is as easy as making an online purchase. Simply add products to your quote by clicking on the "quote" button instead of the "cart" button from the product page. Go through the process as if you were making an online purchase. Quote generated successfully!

If you already know all of the catalog numbers, the "Quick Order" function now offers the ability to perform a "Quick Quote". Add them in just like you would for a "Quick Order" and choose "Add to Quote". From there, it is just like completing an online order.

Method A:
1. From the product page, click on the  quote button button. This will add it to your quote list.

2. After adding a product to your quote list, you will receive a message stating the product was added to the quote. From here, you can continue shopping or view the quote.
added to quote message

3. If at any time you wish to view the contents of your quote, click on the quote icon at the top right corner of the webpage beside the account management icon.
quote contents icon

4. When viewing the contents of your quote, you can change the quantity of items, save the quote to finish later, or continue to add shipping details.
viewing the contents of the quote

5. After choosing your preferred shipping method and address, you can review the details of the quote one last time before submitting the quote or you can save at this point to finish later. Shipping prices on quotes are approximations. These prices are subject to changing depending on when the quote is converted to an order.
quote review and generate

6. If you decided to save your quote list, you can return to it later by going into your account management and selecting the "Quotes" tab. The "Quote Total" will be empty until the quote has been submitted and generated. You can edit the contents of your quote or finish up the quote by clicking on the "Edit" button.  
saved quotes under the quotes tab

7. When you submit your finished quote by clicking on the "Generate Quote" button, you will have the option to view and/or download a PDF copy of your quote.
quote generated successfully

8. You can view, download, or print your quote at any time by going to account management and clicking on the "Quotes" tab. You can also convert your quote to an order and checkout, as well as delete quotes.
viewing quotes in account management

Method B:

1. If you already know the catalog numbers and want to manually add them quickly to generate a quote, click on the "QUICK ORDER / QUOTE" option at the top right corner of the website.
quick order / quote option

2. From here, you can add products just like adding them for a quick order. When you're done, click on "Add To Quote" at the bottom of the page. From here on out, you can follow Steps 3 - 8 from Method A above.
quick order / quote webpage