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Fluorinert™ FC-70 Fluid
Drop floating crystallization
Viscosity similar to water with approximately 75% greater density
Completely fluorinated
Floating Drop Vapor Diffusion
The floating drop vapor diffusion technique1 has been described using Fluorinert FC-70. The transparent and high density FC-70 liquid is not miscible with most crystallization reagents, samples, oil, or water. When Fluorinert liquid and the sample/ reagent are mixed, the sample/reagent drop immediately separates from the Fluorinert and floats on top of the Fluorinert (see figure 1). Crystals grown using the floating drop technique do not stick to the crystallization plate. As the sample/reagent/ crystal is not miscible with the Fluorinert liquid, complete separation of the crystal from the Fluorinert is straight forward. Crystals grown using the floating drop technique can be removed from the drop without mechanical damage. Drop volumes can vary widely using the floating drop method. Handling of the crystal is improved.

Floating and Stirring Technique (FAST)
The floating and stirring technique (FAST)2 has been described using Fluorinert FC-70 liquid. The method, which involves a sample and reagent mixture applied over a non-miscible dense liquid (Fluorinert FC-70) without contact and slow stirring can also be combined with slow cooling or warming (See figure 2). The floating and stirring method has been reported to accelerate growth of the crystal as well as prevent subsequent spontaneous nucleation. The method has been used with seed crystals to promote the growth of a larger crystal without the appearance of subsequent crystals.

Fluorinert FC-70 Fluid
Mr 820
CAS number [86508-42-1]
Pour point: -25°C
Boiling point: 215°C
Vapor pressure: 15 pascals at 25 degrees Celsius
Liquid density range: 1.910 - 1.950 g/ml
Kinematic Viscosity: 12 centistokes at 25 degrees Celsius
Absolute viscosity: 24 centipoise at 25 degrees Celsius
Coefficient of expansion: 0.0010°C-1
Surface tension: 18 dynes/cm at 25 degrees Celsius
Refractive index: 1.303 at 25 degrees Celsius
Water solubility: 8 ppmw/<5 ppmw at 25 degrees Celsius
Ozone depletion potential: 0
Dielectric strength: 40 kV, 0.1” gap at 25 degrees Celsius
Dielectric constant: 1.98 (1 kHz) at 25 degrees Celsius
Electrical resistivity: 2.3 x 1015 ohm cm at 25 degrees Celsius
Appearance: Clear, colorless
HR2-797 100% Fluorinert FC-70 Fluid 100 ml
Price Quantity
1.Application of a two-liquid system to sitting-drop vapour-diffusion protein crystallization. Adachi, H. et al, Acta Cryst. (2003) D59, 194-196
2.Promotion of large protein crystal growth with stirring solution. Adachi, H. et al. Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 41 (2002) pp.1025-1027
3.Two-liquid hanging-drop vapour-diffusion technique of protein crystallization. Hiroaki Adachi et al. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. Vol. 43, No. 1A/B, 2004, pp.L79-L81.
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