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Remove excess mother liquor from inside capillaries
MicroWick is useful for removing mother liquor from inside capillaries during crystal mounting. MicroWick is a non-metallic syringe needle used for filling and removing liquid from capillaries and micropipettes. MicroWick features a 67 mm tip, 0.164 mm OD, 0.1 mm ID (34 gauge) tip which will fit into most capillaries and micropipettes with an internal diameter of 0.2 mm or larger. The MicroWick needle is constructed from a combination of plastic and fused silica - no metal components are used. The MicroWick tip elasticity is sturdy and flexible though not unbreakable (much more flexible than glass!). Moderate bending will not block or damage the needle. The MicroWick luer fitting allows easy coupling to syringes and syringe filters. Each MicroWick contains one needle and one 1 ml syringe. Crystallization and capillary accessories sold separately.
HR4-330 MicroWick 1 each
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