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Cover Slide Vacuum Gadget
Cover Slide Vacuum Gadget

Holding and manipulating small, flat surfaces such as glass cover slides
Self-contained vacuum
No power needed
The Cover Slide Vacuum Gadgetâ„¢ allows one to pick up a single cover slide, invert the slide and gadget, rest the gadget on the bench so the slide rests as if on a pedestal, pipet the drop onto the slide, then use the gadget to place and release the slide onto the crystallization plate. The Gadget is a hand held vacuum bulb with a single Buna-N vacuum cup. Squeeze the bulb, press the vacuum cup to the slide, ease the squeeze on the bulb to create a vacuum and the slide is held in place at the end of the Gadget. When ready to position and place the slide give the Gadget a gentle squeeze to release the vacuum. Single bulb with 3/8" (9.53 mm) diameter cup.
HR8-098 Cover Slide Vacuum Gadget each
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