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Crystallography related meetings in the crystallography community. If you wish to place your meeting on the Hampton Research website, submit the details to tech@hrmail.com.

5th Banff Meeting on Structural Dynamics
February 19-22, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Recent years have seen dramatic successes in providing ‘atomic level views’ of important transient phenomena in materials, molecular and even biomolecular systems. These landmark studies were enabled by breakthroughs in high time-resolution x-ray and electron diffraction, crystallography, spectroscopy and imaging.

The future of this emerging field looks incredibly bright, with major advances in electron source intensity and coherence as well dramatic new capabilities from X-ray free-electron lasers. Along with new methods to take advantage of these sources, we have new disruptive technologies that are driving this field. The Banff Meeting in Structural Dynamics was founded to provide the perfect forum to disseminate the latest spectacular developments in opening up new vistas with atomic clarity. The first four meetings held in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015 were a resounding success and will be continued to provide an opportunity to meet and discuss current problems and chart a course for further successes.

Tentative session outline:
Latest Developments in ultrafast electron and x-ray sources
Dynamic and diffractive imaging of molecules (diffractive imaging and laser alignment)
Time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy of complex molecules
Strongly correlated materials
Structural dynamics in molecules and biomolecular systems

XXIII West Coast Protein Crystallography Workshop
March 19-22, 2017
Pacific Grove, California
This 2017 conference will return to its traditional site at the Asilomar Conference Center on the Pacific Grove Coast of California where participants and commercial sponsors alike will enjoy the close knit campus-like atmosphere. We are delighted to announce keynote presentations from world-leading scientists John Kuriyan and Tamir Gonen as well as afternoon workshops on molecular animation by TED fellow Janet Iwasa and the computation package PHENIX by Paul Adams. The meeting will be highly interactive, and will include presentations by vendors, discussions of technical/methodological advances, and a panel discussion on the future of crystallography and structural biology. We anticipate that these highlights will result in strong turnout from PIs, trainees and lab personnel, and from colleagues in the commercial section, and will further build the legacy of the WCPCW series.

International School of Crystallography 50th Course: Integrative Structural Biology
June 2-11 2017
Over the last 50 years, crystallography has developed from a method capable of determining the structures of isolated, soluble proteins to one able to provide detailed information on mechanisms of action of integral membrane proteins, whole viruses and the complex nano-machines that are central to cellular function. To discover how biology works researchers are now combining the power of crystallography with multiple other methods, spanning from the atomic to cellular scale, and including revolutionary developments in electron cryo-microscopy and tomography. This Course will celebrate its milestone as the 50th in the crystallography series started by Dorothy Hodgkin by focusing on integration: 1) of different techniques, 2) of molecular and cellular approaches and 3) of the crystallographic community, including diversity. The aim is to provide young researchers with a review of the fundamental approaches and latest developments in the application of crystallography and hybrid methods to the structure and function of biological macromolecules and complexes. Lectures will exemplify use of integrated approaches to analyse molecular mechanism in human and pathogen biology. There will be hands-on workshops to provide practical experience and in-depth discussion of topics ranging from sample preparation to data analysis software. To commemorate the achievements of the Erice crystallography school over the past 50 years, the course will feature several sessions that reflect on the past and look to the future to highlight the factors that create an inclusive discipline.

High-throughput protein production and crystallization
July 6 - 14, 2017
Harwell, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
This EMBO Practical Course is a continuation of the EMBO Practical Course in High-throughput Protein Production and Crystallization, organized in Marseille and Oxford since 2005. New speakers, themes and hands on practical sessions will be included, provided by SGC Principal Investigators with extensive experience in protein production and structural biology and leading scientists in academia and industry from around the world. The students will learn how to apply HTP, parallel techniques to their own target protein(s) to speed up the screening and production process, and most importantly, transfer the skills and knowledge to their own institutions.

IUCr 2017
August 21-28, 2017
Hyderabad, India
The program will be cutting edge with 3 plenaries, 40 keynotes, 119 microsymposia and also posters, commercial exhibits, satellite meetings, workshops and official meetings of the IUCr. The Congress will present the latest and most exciting crystallography research in fundamental areas, chemistry, physics, biology, pharmaceutical sciences and materials research.
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