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Crystals of human SR protein kinase 1 in complex with its su...

Zinc metalloprotease crystals/spherulites from C. difficile.

Crystal of a nucleoporin complex.
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Crystallization screen for proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, & water soluble small molecules...

GRAS Additive
96 GRAS reagent screen for crystal optimization...

Siliconized Glass Cover Slides
Hanging drop crystallization...

VDX Plate with sealant
Hanging drop crystallization...

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Hampton Research Catalog
Request your free copy of the Hampton Research catalog wihich includes the complete Crystal Growth 101 series...

Crystal Growth 101 - Complete
The complete collection of eighteen Crystal Growth 101 articles. Introduction, Sample Preparation for Crystallization...

Crystal Gallery
Send Hampton Research your crystal images and get a free set of beautiful crystal posters for your lab...

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Zinc metalloprotease crystals/spherulites from C. difficile.
Joe Alvin, University of Arizona, USA.
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